Winlegends Casino

1. Maximum possible withdrawal amount from the no deposit bonus: €25 / C$35 / 250 kr / 125 zł / 150R$ / 9000 Ft / A$40 / NZ$40.

1.1. Maximum possible withdrawal amount from no deposit bonuses received in the Bonus Shop: x5 of the amount of bonus or funds received from free spins (depends on the status of the account).

2. Only one bonus offer is allowed per person, family, address, email, IP address, phone number, current account number, credit or debit card number, e-wallet number, payment system account (Neteller, Skrill and etc.), one electronic device (computer, mobile phone, tablet, etc.).

3. Clients are not allowed to use any strategies when playing with an active bonus in order to meet bonus wagering requirements. If strategies are used, the administration reserves the right to cancel all of the Player’s winnings.

4. The maximum bonus bet amount is: €5 / C$5 / 50 kr / 20 zł / 30R$ / 1800 Ft / A$8 / NZ$8.

5. You cannot activate previously unused bonuses after a withdrawal request.

6. You need to wager the bonus amount a certain number of times before any proceeds from that bonus can be withdrawn.

7. The bonus is valid for 10 days after activation, unless otherwise specified, after which both bonus money and their derivatives will be removed from the player’s balance.

8. The client may request a withdrawal before meeting bonus wagering requirements. In this case, both bonus money and their derivatives will be removed from the player’s balance and the remaining funds will be available for withdrawal.

9. When using an activated bonus, your withdrawable money should be used first and then your bonus money.

10. Any bonus can be canceled before the wagering requirements are met.

11. Players can only have one active bonus, at any one time. Our deposit bonuses are not cumulative.

12. The client has the right to refuse accepting any bonuses from the casino.

13. Delaying any game round in any game, including free spins features and bonus features, to a later time when you have no more wagering requirement and/or performing new deposit(s) while having free spins features or bonus features still available in a game is prohibited. In case of violation of this rule, the administration reserves the right to cancel all winnings.

14. The casino has the right to cancel all bonuses and winnings, as well as to confiscate all money from the account if they were received in an unfair way or in violation of the rules.

15. The casino reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions at any time.


8.1. Any financial transaction (balance replenishment / money transfer, etc.) via a account can be carried out at any time with the help of a Financial Institution or a Payment service provider.

– Method, conditions, availability and duration of monetary transactions on the account depends on the time required to perform these transactions, as well as on the country of residence of a user and a financial institution used for these transactions.

8.2. has the right to reject a transaction if an account owner did not provide enough evidence to prove his identity, age, location and ability to pay.

8.3. transfers all funds received from an account owner to his account. All user funds are stored in a bank account separate from that of the Company.

8.4. An account owner can:

– deposit funds to his account by using only his personal credit card or personal account opened with a Financial institutions or its licensees;

– it is forbidden to provide access to the account to third parties, including for making deposits or withdrawing funds. An account owner agrees that his account is for his own use only;

– an account owner is not allowed to transfer funds from your account to other players or vice versa.

– an account owner is solely responsible for compliance with the above obligations.

8.5. has the right to reject a bet if the name of the account owner from which funds are transferred differs from that indicated in the personal/contact information of the account owner and there is insufficient evidence that this account really belongs to the account owner.

8.6. does not interfere with the balance of a account owner unless it is necessary to:

– debit a account for a bet made, to be made or about to be made by its owner during a game;

– initiate a chargeback by request of a account owner;

– pay basic bank fees for deposits and withdrawals.

8.7. The balance on your account may become negative if you have sent a chargeback request to a Financial institution and it has been approved.

8.8. If an account owner requests a withdrawal of funds he deposited or received from the Company as real money, but never used in games, will reject this request in order to prevent money-laundering.

8.9. has the right to determine maximum and minimum deposit amount depending on the payment method chosen by a user.

8.10. Some countries may ban gambling and classify gambling games as illegal. If you are a resident of these countries, please stop using the Website immediately. Users are responsible for their actions or conduct on the Website in accordance with applicable laws.

8.11. prohibits the use of the Website for money laundering. The Company has the right to block any suspicious transactions and notify the relevant authorities about them.

8.12. undertakes to check transactions of all users to prevent money laundering.

8.13. A user is fully responsible for paying and performing the necessary tax checks, as well as for paying all necessary taxes associated with winnings, prizes, his account and activities on the Website.

8.14. A user confirms that he’s the legitimate owner of the money he deposits and that the money is not tainted with any illegality and does not originate from any illegal activity or source. A user undertakes to use only those funds in the Casino that were obtained legally.

8.15. When you use G2A Pay services provided by G2A.COM Limited (hereinafter referred to as the “”G2A Pay services provider””) to make a purchase on our website, responsibility over your purchase will first be transferred to G2A.COM Limited before it is delivered to you. G2A.COM is becoming Merchant of Record over your purchase. G2A Pay services provider assumes primary responsibility, with our assistance, for payment and payment related customer support. The terms between G2A Pay services provider and customers who utilize services of G2A Pay are governed by separate agreements which can be found under the link and are not subject to the Terms on this website.

8.16. In order to proceed the payment transaction, you temporary entrusts the G2A.COM with subject of the transaction, and G2A.COM takes responsibility for the product and for the transaction processing.

With respect to customers making purchases through G2A Pay services provider checkout, (i) the Privacy Policy of G2A Pay services provider shall apply to all payments and should be reviewed before making any purchase, and (ii) the G2A Pay services provider Refund Policy shall apply to all payments unless notice is expressly provided by the relevant supplier to buyers in advance. In addition the purchase of certain products may also require shoppers to agree to one or more End-User License Agreements (or “”EULAs””) that may include additional terms set by the product supplier rather than by Us or G2A Pay services provider. You will be bound by any EULA that you agree to.

You are responsible for any fees, taxes or other costs associated with the purchase and delivery of your items resulting from charges imposed by your relationship with payment services providers or the duties and taxes imposed by your local customs officials or other regulatory body.

For customer service inquiries or disputes, You may contact us by email at

Questions related to payments made through G2A Pay services provider payment should be addressed to

Where possible, we will work with you and/or any user selling on our website, to resolve any disputes arising from your purchase


9.1 Withdrawal from the gaming account can be made in any way available at the Casino website at the time of replenishment.

9.2 The Casino reserves the right to transfer funds in a way different from the payment method specified by the Gambler.

– When verifying your account you must provide the following documents:

– copy of your passport or driver’s license in color with valid expiration date;

– copy of the credit/debit card in color that was used to replenish the balance (both sides). It is necessary to hide the middle 8 digits of the card and the CVV code

– screenshot of your bank account with the following information:

– Bank account number / IBAN

– Bank ID / BIC

– full address of the recipient party (zip code, street, city, country)

– screenshot of your electronic wallet, that was used to replenish the balance (with wallet number and personal data page)

– if necessary, your selfie with a passport or driver’s license in hand

– copy of the utility bill (not older than 3 months), which clearly shows the name and address of residence

– We may occasionally request additional information or details regarding any deposit made by you.

– All withdrawal requests are processed by the financial department within 24 hours after the successful identity and account verification, every days 9.00-18.00 (GMT+3).

– is not responsible for non-compliance with the withdrawal terms for technical reasons beyond the control of the Casino.

– has the right to determine its own payment and withdrawal terms and maximum and minimum withdrawal amount for each procedure, which may differ depending on the withdrawal method, account status and other possible factors affecting the withdrawal process.

– There is a limit of 3 simultaneous withdrawal requests. The maximum withdrawal limits per transaction / in 24 hours / month are determined as follows:

per transaction: €400 or ₽25 000

in 24 hours: €400 or ₽25 000

per month: €10000 or ₽650 000

9.2.1. All requested documents by our financial department, that are required for the verification of your account should be sent via e-mail to:

9.3. may, at its discretion, choose a Payment service provider to perform certain procedures concerning deposits, withholding and managing funds and/or to facilitate the withdrawal process from accounts.

– request a withdrawal of funds from his account only to his personal account opened with a Financial institutions or its licensees;

– the minimum withdrawal amount is €20 / ₽1000 for bank cards and €20 / ₽700 for other payment methods;

– withdrawal can only be made using the exact same method that you used to add funds to your account. Therefore, you must ensure that payment details meet the requirements of a respective payment system. If a payment system is not available for withdrawal for any reason, the Casino has the right to choose a withdrawal method in its sole discretion;

– The Casino has the right to determine its own payment and withdrawal terms and maximum and minimum withdrawal amount for each procedure, which may differ depending on the withdrawal method, account status and other possible factors affecting the withdrawal process.

– If the amount of bets from the player’s real balance at the time of application for withdrawal is less than three times the deposit, the Company has the right to withhold a commission of up to 10% of the withdrawal amount. The commission is deducted from the player’s real balance.

– an account holder is fully responsible for providing the administration with accurate payment details in order to request withdrawals or refunds;

9.4. Withdrawal is carried out by transferring funds to the bank account of a account owner, if he made such a request. has the right to limit the maximum withdrawal per account.

9.5. In order to withdraw funds, you must perform the following steps:

– Select Withdraw funds in the appropriate section of your account.

– Choose a suitable withdrawal method.

– You may be asked to provide the necessary personal data to confirm your identity, ownership of the account and the amount required for withdrawal.

– After clicking on the “Confirm” button, you will see a notification confirming the withdrawal request.

– Withdrawal can only be made using the exact same method that you used to add funds to your account. There may be restrictions on withdrawals. may require additional information to confirm your identity and account to be credited(selfie with passport / credit or debit card, etc.).

9.6. Reserves the right to charge a processing fee for withdrawals.